TAG WebChallenge 2009

November 18, 2008

This is just a summary of the 2009 Contest – for more information please go to the WebChallenge 2009 Web site at: http://www.webchallenge2009.org/


There are so many free web-based tools available, used by students every day.  But some of these tools like email, texting, and more, can be put to greater use.



The 2009 Webchallenge, “FREE YOUR COMMUNITY!” is about using free and/or open source technologies to benefit your local community.  Some examples are:

·        build a website for a student group or local non-profit

·        create an online newspaper for a support group

·        use text-messaging to broadcast to adults about job opportunities

There are 3 categories of competition, for all levels of technology developers:


Free Tech:  Gmail, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Google Maps, Blogger and more.  You can find plenty of examples where people have used one of these tools to create something that their community benefitted from.


Open Source:  Websitebaker, Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, etc.  These are softwares that are free to download and install.  Technically more challenging, but they can be put to use without knowing how to program anything.  An example of this could be a school newspaper, such as the local www.northgwinnett.com/blackandred.


Custom Code:  Using the listed technologies or creating programs from scratch, participants in this category would create customized applications to serve their community.  While all 3 categories will have a priority on the effectiveness for the community, this category will also recognize the technical sophistication of the product.