TAG Enterprise 2.0 Society – March 2010 Meeting

February 25, 2010

Burn the Ships! Forging Ahead in the Web 2.0 World.

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Web 2.0 is here to stay, but evolving the Enterprise to respond is no small feat. What can we do to ensure that we’re leveraging the conversation to the best end? Using Ariba, Inc. as a case study, let’s talk about assembling the tools, troops and know-how that will position us as industry leaders and offer the greatest value to our customers. Presentation highlights include:

– Selecting and leveraging the right technologies
– Listening, engaging and facilitating the dialogue
– Addressing resource constraints and IP concerns
– Social Media measurement and ROI

Elizabeth Hill is director of internet marketing for Ariba, the leading provider of SaaS spend management solutions. She leads the teams responsible for Ariba’s websites, search strategy and Web 2.0 programs. Elizabeth has spent 15 years learning about all facets of doing business on the web. She has extensive experience building and optimizing both consumer and B2B websites and a deep background in SEO and web analytics.


AWSome (ATL Cloud Computing) March 2010 Meetup

February 25, 2010

AWSome March 2010 Meetup

“Cloud and Virtualiztion Security”
Taylor Banks
Owner at KnowThreat

“More Cloud Security”
Special Guest

Who should attend?
Anyone who is working for startups that is thinking about using the cloud should attend.
The cloud has removed the barrier to entry to own a data center.  However it has not removed the need for control and management of resources or the need to secure enterprise data.